Mission and Objectives

Long Cove Club exists to provide members an exceptional quality of life and leisure in a private, secure and naturally beautiful island residential environment.

Our Mission & Certain Strategic Objectives

The mission of Long Cove Club is to serve its members by providing and properly maintaining outstanding member-preferred amenities, activities and services which are considered among the best in private residential communities, and are designed to encourage leisure enjoyment by a diverse and active membership in an atmosphere of harmony and congeniality.  More specifically, the Club serves its members through:

  • Maintaining a naturally beautiful, aesthetically pleasing community environment
  • Improving the national respect for its golf course
  • Unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail and continuous improvement
  • Creating demand for members’ property, thereby enhancing its value
  • Encouragingmember participation and open communication
  • Developing comprehensive and meaningful long range plans
  • Implementing and adhering to sound financial, management and governance principles, all of which are grounded in integrity
  • Employing capable, reliable and dedicated professional managers and staff who understand, embrace and achieve the objectives of the Club

Our Values

  • Preservation of the Club’s natural beauty and casual elegance
  • Outstanding reputation among top private residential communities
  • Unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement
  • Outstanding member-preferred amenities, exceptionally maintained
  • Honesty, integrity and professionalism in governance, management and communication
  • Active participation in the Hilton Head Island community
  • High member satisfaction

Our Vision

Long Cove Club will continue to progress as one of the outstanding private, secure residential communities -- noted for its natural beauty and casual elegance, exceptionally maintained amenities (anchored by its nationally acclaimed golf course), community spirit, and excellent service to its members and guests -- where special, caring and active people of diverse interests experience and enjoy an exceptional quality of life and leisure.