Long Cove Club Boaters host Boys & Girls Club of Hilton Head

The Long Cove Yacht Club (LCYC) will host the annual Boys & Girls Club of Hilton Head boat outing on Wednesday, July 19, 2017. The children will depart from the Long Cove Marina on boats owned and captained by Long Cove Yacht Club members for a day of fun on the water. The LCYC is a social organization within Long Cove Club. This year’s boat outing is headed up by Debbe Steele, resident of Long Cove Club.  

The captains will meet at 9:45am on Wednesday morning at the docks awaiting a 10:00am arrival of 24 children and supervisors from the Boys & Girls Club. Boats depart for Freeport Landing on Daufuskieshortly thereafter and then are treated to lunch. In years past, the children have been able to see dolphins up close and personal—a first for many on board.

Volunteers and Members of the Long Cove Yacht Club will provide their boats, their time and cover all expenses associated with the boat trip.

For additional information, please contact Lindsay Finger, Director of Marketing & Communications at (843) 686-1074 or lfinger@longcoveclub.com.